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Bioacoustics training courses

Bioacoustics is a rapidly expanding field, and the need for training is crucial. The ENES Bioacoustics Research Lab at the University of Saint-Etienne and the Sound Communication and Behaviour Group at the University of Southern Denmark, in partnership with the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, propose a range of training courses to provide the young generation of bioacousticians with top-level training:

- Bioacoustics Winter School (University of Saint-Etienne, EPHE): a two-week course, BWS is aimed primarily at Masters students wishing to learn the basics of bioacoustics. This course leads to the award of the University Diploma in Bioacoustics.

- International Master of Bioacoustics MoBi (University of Saint-Etienne): a unique one year international and excellence training programme in bioacoustics. MoBi leads to the award of the French national master's degree in Ethology (bioacoustics pathway) as well as the University Diploma in Advanced Bioacoustics.

- Graduate Summer Course in Bioacoustics (University of Southern Denmark): designed for students currently preparing their PhD, this course focuses on methods and techniques for studying animal sound communication.

- Tropical Bioacoustics School (University of Saint-Etienne, University of Southern Denmark, EPHE): designed for students currently involved in a bioacoustics project (PhD, post-docs). This course leads to the award of the University Diploma in Tropical Bioacoustics.

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