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TBS 2023
Student testimonials

"To be allowed to come to the Nouragues natural reserve is an exceptional privilege, and I'm delighted that the Tropical Bioacoustics School has given us this opportunity."

"I wouldn’t expect a more beautiful place to make this Tropical Bioacoustics School. It was a childhood dream for me to go to such a tropical rainforest, the Amazonian one in French Guyana."

"The Tropical Bioacoustics School gave me the chance to meet all of you. It was a pleasure to put a face to the names I see in the scientific papers I read or books I have at home. I was also grateful to meet other students who are working on the same subject as me but in other ways. It’s a real opportunity to prepare for future collaborations. Moreover, the atmosphere of the group during this trip was amazing."

"All the lectures and field experiments we did were very interesting and allowed me to discover some bioacoustics subjects I’m not working on."

"Evening presentations opened the discussion to new topics and meeting young researchers in bioacoustics was an unforgettable networking opportunity."

"The Tropical Bioacoustics School (TBS) has been a very enriching experience, both on a personal and professional level."

"The key aspect of the Tropical Bioacoustics School for me was the immersion into the rainforest and doing fieldwork with experts from different teams."

"Many thanks for organizing and letting me be a part of this unforgettable tropical bioacoustics school!"

"I had an incredible time at Nouragues with both the staff and the other students, and would like to sincerely thank you for your time and effort. I think the course was well-organized and balanced, and with a good degree of flexibility required of fieldwork in remote and tropical regions. Not to mention of course the legendary site and field stations of Nouragues! With a degree of regret that we will have to leave this place, I wish you all the best in your research endeavors and hope you will be able to continue the TBS next year for another generation of students."

"TBS has changed my opinion. Individual signatures in animal vocalizations are way more prevalent than I previously thought, and also readily extractable with more recent signal processing and classification techniques. Secondly, estimating the acoustic space as sampled by a passive recorder is markedly more complicated than I thought. It has been really nice to hear about the state-of-the-art research in this field, and to know that people are actually working on solving these problems."

"It was great to discuss constraints, fieldwork designs, and data storage and processing workflows with other people. Above all it was just very nice to hear what everyone was working on, which is not quite the same as just reading the papers."

"I think it really managed a good balance between the combination of fieldwork and analyses/lectures, as well as a nice variety of projects and expertise among the staff."

"The learnings from the Tropical Bioacoustics School will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of my future research projects, enabling a more nuanced and comprehensive exploration of bioacoustic realms"

"Regarding the Tropical Bioacoustics School, it was a crucible of learning and growth for me. The exposure to diverse methodologies, interactions with experienced researchers, and hands-on experiences have greatly enriched my knowledge in bioacoustics. Several invaluable lessons have been etched into my research ethos. I've learned the importance of meticulous planning for fieldwork, yet the necessity of flexibility—always having backup plans (from B to even D) in place, knowing they will be necessary."


"My main motivation for participating to the Tropical Bioacoustics School was to improve my skills of bioacoustics and eco-acoustics in the field. Since I had very few fieldtrip experiences before, the TBS enabled me to extend my practical skills and learn more about the rainforest ecosystems and dynamics."

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